Member Endorsements


Member Endorsements

If you have a mechanic, repair shop or parts dealer that you would like to endorse because they provided excellent service to you or you’ve found them to be honest and exceptionally competent, please submit your endorsement to the Blue Ridge Chapter of the VCOA and we will post it here on the web site.  Submit your endorsements to Bob Sepe ( 

Bresco Vehicle Services Ltd.

We found replacement  ā€œSā€ retainers for the horizontal stainless trim that goes on the doors at the windows of our 1800.  They came from Bresco Vehicle Services Ltd. in England.  (  They were reasonably priced, and delivered pronto.  I’d recommend them.   They specialize in early British sports cars.

Submitted by: Paul Smith

Midwest ABS Exchange and Repair

I had an exceptionally good conversation with the owner of Midwest ABS Exchange and Repair. I was prepared to send him a “defective” module and he called to tell me that it was unlikely the module was faulty,but something else in the ABS system. He just could not take my money. He provided hints as to what to check, I did so and found the pump motor to be faulty. This guy is honest and needs an “atta-boy”. You can find him at

Submitted by: Bob Sepe